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.1. Stiltskin - Buckley Andrew , Bushuev Stas
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What would you do if you found an evil dwarf in your bathtub?
In Robert Darklys case you scream like a girl and then you get taken on a
journey to an entirely different world living just on the other side of our
own reality; a world where fairy tales are real but not in the way weve come
to expect them.
The aforementioned dwarf, Rumpelstiltskin, has escaped the Tower prison of
Thiside determined to finish the sinister plot he started so many years ago.
Robert Darkly, oblivious that he is the son of the Mad Hatter, must partner
with the mysterious Agency to pursue Rumpelstiltskin across our world and
the world of Thiside and uncover the treacherous secret that threatens to
throw both realities into eternal chaos.




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What celebrities are saying about Stiltskin!

An epic fantasy tale that tickled my nether regions and warmed my heart. Academy Award Winning Actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins
This book changed my life, I may never lick another sledgehammer again. Who am I kidding? Of course I will! Recording Artist, Miley Cyrus
What are you doing here? Get out of my house! Im calling the police! Award winning novelist and screenwriter of The Princess Bride , William Goldman
Much better than that boy wizard stuff that I wrote a few years back. Author of the Harry Potter Series, J. K. Rowling
Now that Breaking Bad is over I look forward to playing Rumpelstiltskin in the movie adaptation of Stiltskin. Emmy Award Winning Actor, Bryan Cranston
Buckley takes fairy tales and throws them in a blender, the result is tasty. Indie Film Director, Kevin Smith
I took time away from adopting children and making movies to read Stiltskin by Andrew Buckley. It was a delight! Academy Award Winning Actress, Angelina Jolie
As a rockstar I found it easy to relate to Stiltskin as I too live in a fantastical world full of strange and unusual characters. Recording Artist and Lead Singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine
In 40 years someone will release a book called Stiltskin.

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